The World of Numbers Needs A Superhero!

Are your financials confusing you or holding you hostage? No matter your needs, our superhero accountants are ready to help you:

You shouldn’t need superpowers to make sense of your finances. Too often, the forces of bad bookkeeping and accounting stand in the way of your success. You need a superhero to protect and guide you through these troubling times.

Chartered Professional Accountant in Ottawa

In the world of numbers, it can be hard to go it alone. Too often, businesses fail because they can’t navigate the numbers. You’d need to be a superhero to keep the books in order! Making sense of the impossible is a breeze for our super-heroic chartered professional accountant team, protecting your business from the dangers of unruly rogue numbers.

Quickbooks Online (QB) super cloud accounting software application and many amazing tools, such as Receipt Bank, Wagepoint, T Sheets put your business literally on your finger tips.

Our superhero accountants are experts in leading software and solutions, giving you freedom and the flexibility you need to get on with your business, including: QuickBooks Online, Xero, Wave Accounting, FreshBooks, Kashoo, and Receipt Bank, Wagepoint, T sheets, HubDoc several others.

Wagepoint Veem           Rewind

Depending on your needs, we can recommend and help implement the right software to suit your business. Quickbooks online. The latest and greatest technology can save you from bad books, giving you an advantage and letting you focus on your day-to-day. Beat bad numbers today.

Captain Number Cruncher

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We offer super-powered cloud accounting solutions for all your business needs! No matter where you’re at with your finances, we’re here to help. Our top-level industry solutions include:

Our accountants are truly superheroes—no matter the need, they’ve got the skills and experience to get the job done. For small or medium-sized businesses and startups, we can get a handle on your cash flow.

Ensuring proper management means you’re never left strapped or searching for a few extra dollars. Timely financial statements will help you see exactly where your money is at all times.

And when the end of the year rolls around, we’ve got the best tax advice around to make sure you’re saving big and meeting your obligations free of worry and stress. We do this through effective and efficient file sharing, using the latest software to make sure all files are accounted for.

So what do our super-powered solutions mean for you? Stress-free success! Rest easy knowing you’ve got the right people for the job looking after your needs.

Chartered Professional Accountant

I highly recommend Moe Tabesh. His service is phenomenal, to say the least. His tax knowledge is extensive and he’s been able to save me a substantial amount of money by following his recommendations. In addition, he is warm, kind, understanding, positive, and flexible, which are qualities I find rare in most accountants I’ve worked with. You’re in good hands with Moe, I can’t recommend him enough.

Samantha Biron

President and Founder, Motivational Learning

Moe has been working for us for around 10 years and we couldn’t be more satisfied. He is a reliable, trustworthy person and we can depend on him any time, any day. Words cannot describe how grateful we are that he helps us. 
Aghasi Sadeghi

Owner, Caspian Kabob

From the beginning of being a client, I can only say that I have been 100% satisfied with the service that I have received from Mr. Tabesh. He has been very helpful since I first made contact six years ago; so far, I have no needed to speak to any other accountant. Mr. Tabesh has taken ownership of my inquiries and has always responded with a clear understanding of my requests.

Rostam Mehdipour

Owner and General Manager, Silk Road Kabob House

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