The World of Numbers Needs A Superhero!

Are your financials confusing you or holding you hostage? No matter your needs, our superhero accountants are ready to help you:

  • Make smart decisions with experienced business consulting
  • Escape tax woes with proper planning and filing services
  • Get a handle on your bookkeeping with proven services
  • Discover detailed accounting solutions for your organization
  • Get the best contractual CFO services for smaller businesses
  • Get accounting and bookkeeping tailored to your industry
  • And much more!

You shouldn’t need superpowers to make sense of your finances. Too often, the forces of bad bookkeeping and accounting stand in the way of your success. You need a superhero to protect and guide you through these troubling times. You can call on us…

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The Superhero Accountants of Numetrica City

In the world of numbers, it can be hard to go it alone. Too often, businesses fail because they can’t navigate the numbers. You’d need to be a superhero to keep the books in order! Making sense of the impossible is a breeze for our super-heroic chartered professional accountant team, protecting your business from the dangers of unruly rogue numbers.

Captain Number Cruncher

This brilliant numbers expert isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty! Captain Number Cruncher lives for the adding, subtracting, and number crunching of accounting. Messy numbers are no match for the Captain—they crumble before him as he gets the job done!

Doctor Tax

Through years of study, practice, and observation, Doctor Tax has trained his mind to see the things others miss. Precise, methodical, and exacting, he uses his knowledge of the Income Tax Act to reduce your tax liabilities in ways you never thought were possible. He’s the tax expert, and the man you want in your corner when the Canada Revenue Agency comes calling.

Cloud Guru

The Cloud Guru sees the connections between all things and the links that draw them together; to her, everything is connected. She understands how Xero, Quickbooks, Wave, Freshbooks and Kashoo bring everything together, and uses this knowledge to connect your finances to the cloud.

Amazing Bean Counter

The tech expert and software pro, the Amazing Bean Counter makes sure you’ve got the latest and greatest technology working for you. It’s a breeze for her to find the prefect fit for your business’ needs. With her savvy know-how, you’ll keep track of each and every number from the moment they’re recorded to the year’s end—no problem!

Accounting Wizard

The mystic, the fortune teller, the master, the Accounting Wizard is trained in the ancient arts of accounting. He’ll reveal the secrets hidden in financial statements, predict your fiscal future, and delve into the depths of your business’ past.

Control Freak

The resident expert for internal control and auditing, Control Freak identifies objectives, controls activities, and discovers the weaknesses and risks in your business. He does this to make you stronger and to give you the knowledge and power to control your destiny. His tactic? Identify risks, flip them, and take control!

Super Software Solutions

Super Software Solutions

Our superhero accountants are experts in leading software and solutions, giving you freedom and the flexibility you need to get on with your business, including: QuickBooks, Xero, Wave Accounting, FreshBooks, Kashoo, and several others.

Depending on your needs, we can recommend and help implement the right software to suit your business. The latest and greatest technology can save you from bad books, giving you an advantage and letting you focus on your day-to-day. Beat bad numbers today…

What We Do

We offer super-powered solutions for all your business needs! No matter where you’re at with your finances, we’re here to help. Our top-level industry solutions include:

Our accountants are truly superheroes—no matter the need, they’ve got the skills and experience to get the job done. For small or medium-sized businesses and startups, we can get a handle on your cash flow.

Ensuring proper management means you’re never left strapped or searching for a few extra dollars. Timely financial statements will help you see exactly where your money is at all times.

And when the end of the year rolls around, we’ve got the best tax advice around to make sure you’re saving big and meeting your obligations free of worry and stress. We do this through effective and efficient file sharing, using the latest software to make sure all files are accounted for.

So what do our super-powered solutions mean for you? Stress-free success! Rest easy knowing you’ve got the right people for the job looking after your needs.

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Effective File Sharing

Effective File Sharing

Best Tax Advice

Best Tax Advice

Timely Financial Statements

Timely Financial Statements

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

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