QBO Connect – Captain Log: 12032018 #QBOConnect Toronto

 While rendezvousing with the klingon spaceship in outter space Toronto …. Kidding
QuickBooks Online (QBO) Connect Toronto experience

I was invited to attend at QBO Connect event in Toronto as a VIP Platinum Pro-advisor.  The event was magnificent, our host QBO went all out and took care of us all the way. I have never seen this level of professionalism and friendliness in my life. I’m still in aww!

I attended as the Chief Number Cruncher from Numetrica. I met most of the exhibitors and I will explain what products/tools they offer and how some of these tools maybe useful to you.

As I entered on the main floor I met Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank use the Optical Character Reader (OCR) technology to intelligently read invoices and receipts, recognizing amounts, dates, invoice numbers. Receipt Bank stores the data for 10 years, it also links with accounting software such as QBO. As soon as invoice picture is taken, it is linked to QBO. Data can also be emailed to your own Receipt Bank email.  This will reduce the manual entry and hence provides more free time. It is also convenient if you receipt needs to be looked up by CRA. 

The technology is able to read hand written notes and amounts. What?!!!!

We are now proud partner with Receipts bank and offering this service to our clients.

Here is a link to Receipt Bank have a look.

Next not on the floor but on my list was Wagepoint

We have been using Wagepoint and really like the tool and the support from Wagepoint. Wagepoint now is integrated into QBO, so when opting for advance payroll, Wagepoint does the rest.

What I like love about Wagepoint is that it pays the employees effortlessly by direct deposit, it also calculates stats holidays and vacations, pays CRA, provide employees with online paystubs, produced Record of Employment. And keep sending reminders, we call wish we had more reminders. These tasks are extremely important and often time consuming, through Wagepoint you don’t even have to think about payroll.  

We have been using Wagepoint for a few years now.

Here is more info, have a look.

Next on the floor was T Sheets:


T sheets is very convenient if you have employees and want to keep track of their hours effortlessly. Once T sheet app is installed, employees will log in to the account by code, pictures, names and so on. At the end of the working periods, say 2 weeks, employee hours can be sent to QBO payroll system. This eliminates the effort of keeping track of the hours on paper or any other software. Also the hours are ready as soon the work week is over, so no need to manually add the numbers, pass them on to the bookkeeper …. I highly recommend this if you have more than 4 employees and have no way to capture their data.

Here is link to T sheets have a look.

Another company that impressed me was Chata. AI.

Chata AI is an Artificial intelligent software (to my understanding) once it is hooked to your data such as QBO. All you have to do is type your questions and Chata AI produces the report for you. For example, how much did we make last month? I was impressed with the questions that Reg (Chata AI Rep) was asking and how Chata AI had the answers right away. Another thing about machines/tool is that they give you what you asked right away so no need for middle man or extra chats. 

Here is more info have a look

In this event QBO told the audience what to come, such as filing sales tax online, QBO Assistant, Corp tax, Bank fetch ….

In this article I would only talk about the app and companies that are useful to our clients. A few of these companies and app developers were for accountants such as Practice Ignition so we just talk about what can be a good tool for you.

Another on my list was Lendified. One of their Reps (Dale-Paul Jordan) and I went to University of Ottawa.  Ottawa U is the best!!!

The concept is amazing and smart. They provide loans as the name implies, rather than going through all the loops are banking. They when you allow them access your QBO data, provided that you were in business for at least 6 months, they can qualify you for a loan. I believe the interest was around 1% when they were presenting at QBO Connect.

Here is more scoop

Who should we talk about now? Well AutoEntry, since Sean asked J

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to talk with them however, the concept is similar to Receipt Bank, with the OCR technology they will read invoices and enter them into QBO.

Currently, I’m reading their brochure. Bottom line is having one of these OCR tools is extremely important to your business, not for posting data into QBO but for recordkeeping. CRA can ask for receipts as far as 10 years. Since some receipts fade away having one these which saves data for 10 years is a lifesaver.

Read more about Auto Entry here.

One of my favourite exhibitors is Budget O

Very cool and innovative company from Quebec City, they have gone through 15,000 line of codes and made this tool that can create your budget in 15 minutes. We have partnered with them when I saw Maxime Delage and Marc Allul at Startup Canada event in Ottawa. This is an online tool as well and links with QBO and creates your budget.

I highly recommend this tool.

Read more here.

Hmmm pressure who do we talk about now. Oh yeah, Another company from Quebec Lightspeed. I’m still anxiously waiting to get more info J

Their tool also links with QBO, hence they were at the event. This is what they say “With our POS system, stocking is intuitive, selling is easy, and growth happens naturally”. Translation, rather than having a cash machine install their app/tool and do business while the tool intelligently takes care of cash and posts data into QBO and takes inventory. What else do you want? J Oh yeah, royalty system, like buy 10 get one free whole cards but with machine, and eCommerce, and data capture, email receipts, I guess they do more, 24 hour support, one of one boarding (means they help with setup) …. You need one if you are a retailer. and I’m sure it is better prices that one of the big banking systems.  That’s why I haven’t heard back they are doing amazing stuff.

Here is more info

Freedom Merchants is next, I didn’t get a chance to stop by but here it is. I mean you could have done the search yourself you know . Sounds like freedom fighters, let’s see what they can do. I already like it since they work extremely well with QBO.

“ONE Provider For All Your Payment Needs

No more PayPal for donations, Stripe for shopping-carts, Square for in-person swiping, EventBrite for events, Intuit double-entry and a Processor’s machine for the store. ONE merchant account, one company, that provides or connects with ANY tool you need! Everything, including YOUR DATA, all in one place. And the very best part…Not 1 Line of Code Required!” Sounds amazing.

Read on:

I liked this company as soon as we chatted: Invoice Sherpa

What can I say, we both love QBO. Maybe this is the right tool for you Robert J

Hold on, I’m becoming a partner. What thet do is of course send invoices however, they make sure it gets paid as well. This will directly improves your cash flow, the number one Villain and Superhero that kills or flurishes a business.  Once this process is fortified and systemized you are business is on a solid foundation. So they take care of Accounts Receivable, Payment Processing, Recurring payments, … I like their Automatic reconciliation “Don’t just take payments, but automatically post payments to your accounting system and automate your bank reconciliations when the funds are deposited.”

Read more and let me when to set you up. 

Now let’s talk about Clover by first data.

They give you the debit machine but it is built on Iphone and Ipad, …. Very cool. I think, they need to make accountants, partners so we can distribute and install for clients.  Oh, they do have the partnership … I’ll be right back …

This is what I mean.. So it is good for restaurants, retail, service, …. Even eCommerce. What I like about these products is that not only you process payments, you can capture client data and provide them with more services.

Almost Forget: Plooto

Plooto connects with QBO and you can send and receive funds through this app. The charge a flat fee for each transactions and there are no monthly fees to set this up.  Currently, they charge $1 per each transaction and as low as $.50 after certain amount of transactions I believe 50 transactions.  It takes a bit longer for the money to exchange hands, around 5 days.


 it similar to Plooto the difference is that they have monthly fees which start at $0 for basic, $19 Prime and $99 Platinum.  This is good for international money exchange.


Next on the list is Rewind:

Very simple, for a monthly fee they back up your QBO file. In case you need it.

Well folks, this is the end.  If you were at QBO Connect in Toronto and I missed you, I apologize, send me an email and refresh my memory and I’ll update this article.

Thank you QBO, you are a great company and platform. We are 100% QBO and loving it.  So impressive!

Key Note Speakers:

Jann Arden,

Renowned Musician, Bestselling Author

Jann Arden catapulted onto the Canadian music scene with the release of her debut album, Time ForMercy. She boasts 19 top-10 singles, and has received eight Juno Awards, including “Female Artist of the Year” and “Songwriter of the Year.”

Of course, never one to settle on a single discipline, Arden is also the author of several books, including her memoir, Feeding My Mother, as well as a returning co-host of CTV’s The Social.


Scott McGillivray

Celebrity Host, Income Property & Moving the McGillivrays, Real Estate Investor, Author & Entrepreneur

Scott McGillivray is the host and executive producer of Income Property & Moving the McGillivrays. Passionate about educating others on financially smart renovation decisions, Scott draws on his experiences to inspire people to think strategically and pursue their dreams.


Jon Montgomery

Gold Medal Olympian, Host, The Amazing Race Canada

Jon Montgomery captured the hearts of Canadians–and the attention of everyone–during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. After years of hard work, training and perseverance, Montgomery won a gold medal in the skeleton, securing his place in history as one of the best. His celebratory walk through Whistler showcased his passion, spirit, and sense of humour–traits that he brings to every platform, whether in front of a live audience or acting as the host of The Amazing Race Canada.




Jeff Cates

President, Intuit Canada

Jeff Cates is the President and CEO of Intuit Canada. Under Jeff’s leadership, Intuit Canada has risen to become one of the top places to work in Canada, as ranked by the Great Place to Work Institute. He is responsible for helping the company become recognized as the nation’s undisputed financial solutions leader in every market it serves, by leading a team of more than 400 employees dedicated to simplifying the business of life. Cates joined Intuit in 2011, with a background that includes innovative marketing, partner management and entrepreneurship.


Rich Preece

Senior Vice President, Intuit QuickBooks

Rich Preece is Senior Vice President within Intuit’s Small Business Self-Employed Group. He is responsible for driving growth across all Intuit products and services designed for small businesses, the self-employed, developers and accounting professionals.

Melissa Leong

Personal Finance Writer, On-Air Personality and Bestselling Author

Melissa Leong is a personal finance writer, on-air personality and bestselling author. She’s the author of the feel-good finance guide, Happy Go Money, which is out in January 2019 and is the resident money expert on Canada’s leading daytime talk show, The Social on CTV. Her money articles have appeared in the Financial Post, where she was the personal finance reporter, and in newspapers across the country. Over the last 15 years, she has covered a variety of subjects including crime, politics, terrorism, arts and business for the National Post, the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. She has profiled survivors of the Rwandan genocide, investigated nanny abuse in Hong Kong and interviewed thousands of subjects, including heads of state, royalty and celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Carrie Fisher. In her spare time, she writes bestselling paranormal teen fiction under a pen name and mentors youth and volunteers for organizations that promote the advancement and empowerment of young women.

Ilana Ben-Ari

Design Thinker and Founder, Twenty One Toys

Ilana Ben-Ari is the founder, CEO and lead designer of Twenty One Toys. Her first product, The Empathy Toy, is a 3D abstract puzzle used as a tool for empathic learning and creative education for people of varying ages and abilities. Already in thousands of schools, homes and offices worldwide, it was featured in TIME as one of six new technologies shaping classrooms and offices of the future. Ilana’s ingenuity has won her multiple awards, including C2MTL’s emerging entrepreneur award.

Graham Sherman

Co-Owner, Tool Shed Brewing Company

Graham Sherman and his business partner, Jeff Orr, are two “high level geeks” who met in Afghanistan working on US government and military contracts. During deployment, they aimed their high level geekery at mastering the craft of brewing beer. Only four years after the very first batch was brewed, Tool Shed Brewing Company beers are sold in over 1,000 locations across Western Canada. Hear about Graham and his business partner’s rise in the industry at QuickBooks Connect Toronto!

Devon Fiddler

Founder & Chief Changemaker, SheNative Goods

Devon is a social entrepreneur and the Chief Changemaker of SheNative Goods Inc, a handbags and accessories brand. Devon built SheNative to help empower and change perceptions of Indigenous woman and girls. She has been nominated for various entrepreneurial and leadership awards, receiving recognition at the CBC Future 40 Under 40 designation in 2015. Devon also represented Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance (YEA) Summit in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2015.

Scott Zandbergen

Accountant & Bookkeeper Community Advocate, Intuit Canada

Scott is a 20-year veteran of the accounting software industry and Intuit Canada’s “voice of accountants and bookkeepers”, where he focuses on building relationships and being the champion of the Canadian ProAdvisor community. Previously, he led the Canadian QuickBooks product management team. Scott has always been dedicated to accountants and bookkeepers, leveraging his knowledge of accounting technology to empower these professionals. Scott lives in Georgetown with his wife and their two lovely daughters.

Melika Hope

Senior Product Manager, Intuit Canada

Melika Hope began her professional career at RSM Richter LLP where she earned her Chartered Accountant designation. She then pivoted to the software industry, gaining experience with desktop accounting products before moving to Intuit where she is now managing QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed. Melika is a self-employed personal trainer on the side and is a passionate advocate for the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Canada.


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