Ontario minimum wage as at Oct 1, 2015

A few of our clients have asked me about the Ontario minimum wages. As at Oct 1, 2015 the minimum wage is $11.25.

I have provided the table from ministry of Labour which explains this in more detail.

As you can see in the table there are different classes of employment. Ensure you are choosing the right category to pay your employees.

Generally when employment market is great, I suggest to pay your great employees more than the minimum wage so you won’t lose them to your competition.

Additionally, the rate for CPP and EI changes on a regular basis. To be on top of the payroll, source deductions, and so on. I recommend getting a software that does the calculations and also is upgraded as the rate changes.

In any event, if you are confused about any of this call our office at this website or go our other website www.numetricacity.ca to get help or more information. You also want be on top of WSIB payments and calculations.

Min wage table

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