Expert Tax Preparation Ottawa Businesses Can Trust

We're proud to offer our services for tax preparation Ottawa businesses can depend on when it's to file at the end of the financial year.

Ottawa Tax Preparation Services You Can Depend On When it’s Time to File

Are you looking for tax preparation services for your Ottawa business? Look no further! Captain Number Cruncher and the Superhero CPAs of Numetrica City are here to help. We’re proud to deliver tax preparation Ottawa businesses can depend on to ensure their books are in order.

To help our clients better understand the tax preparation process, we’ve made this helpful checklist. Use it to keep track of what tax forms, receipts, and bills you need when it’s to file your taxes.

If you need help with tax preparation in Ottawa, don’t worry… Captain Number Cruncher’s here to save the day!

Captain Number Cruncher’s Tax Prep Checklist

T Slips

These slips help determine what you’ve paid in taxes and will help you calculate your final return.

  • T4 slips (employment income):
  • T4E employment insurance benefits:
  • T3, Interest, dividends, mutual funds:
  • T5, Interest, dividends, mutual funds:
  • T5008 Interest, dividends, mutual funds:
  • T2202A Tuition/education receipts:
  • RC62 Universal Child Care Benefit:
  • T4A (OAS):
  • T4A (P):
  • T4 RSP:
  • T4A:
  • Other T slips:

Official Receipts

Keep track of official receipts for RRSP contributions, dues, donations, and even your bus pass. You may be able to claim them when it’s time to file.

  • RRSP contributions:
  • Professional or union dues:
  • Medical expenses:
  • Donations:
  • Political contributions:
  • Bus pass:
  • Children sports:
  • Children arts:
  • Child care:
  • Moving expenses:
  • T2202 Employment expenses form (contact us for more details):
  • T2201 Disability form (contact us for more details):
  • Interest paid on student loan:
  • Commission paid to financial planner:
  • Safety deposit box:

Rental Property Income

Do you operate a rental property? Always be sure to keep track of its finances and declare any and all income generated from it to avoid headaches at tax time.

  • Rental income:
  • Interest on mortgage:
  • Property tax:
  • Utilities:
  • Condo fees:
  • Depreciation if any:


If you freelance, receive foreign income, or run a small business, record your income and expenses. You’d be surprised at what you can claim back!

  • Self-employment income:
  • Summary of income and expenses:
  • Foreign income:

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, contact the Superhero CPAs of Numetrica City! When it comes to tax preparation Ottawa businesses can trust, we can’t be beat!

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