Your Chartered Professional Accountant Superheroes

Meet Our Heroes—Your Public and Chartered Professional Accountants

When good businesses are beset by bad numbers, who do you call? The superheroic chartered professional accountants of Numetrica City! Too often, good businesses fall before the might of nefarious numbers. It’s the challenge all businesses must face, and one far too many cannot stand against.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The superhero accountants of Numetrica City fight for your business, making sense of the chaos created by rogue numbers and so much more. Meet the super-powered certified public accountants crusading for a world where all businesses can succeed.

Moe Tabesh—CPA, CGA, B.Comm (Accountancy)

As a young man newly arrived in Canada at the age of 21, Moe Tabesh enrolled in university and worked long hours as a taxi driver to support himself through his studies. His 17-hour shifts became so demanding that he couldn’t make it to his classes.

Despite the fact that he was supporting himself, he felt unfulfilled. The constant “live to work” mentality of his taxi driving days was getting to him. Feeling stuck and unhappy, Moe longed for a way to contribute more to society. He wanted to build something, to give back, but he wasn’t sure where to start.

Moe needed to get back on his feet and regain his confidence. He needed to succeed!

Deciding to leave his job, Moe registered in Heritage College in Hull, Québec. Under the leadership and guidance of professors Tony Guarna and Ian Ramsay, he soon discovered a passion for business, commerce, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Soon after, he enrolled in the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Commerce program, acing his exams and quickly graduating in two and a half years.

He soon put his new skills to work, helping friends and family save more money by paying fewer taxes thanks to his knowledge. This led to his founding of a tax-filing company—Express Tax—to help students with their tax returns.

One fateful day, the owner of Moe’s favourite coffee shop approached him with a request: could Moe help his business succeed? When Moe accepted, word spread, and soon other local businesses and professionals were approaching him for help.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Origin Stories

So why superheroes? Moe had heard the nicknames people have for accountants plenty of times before – “number crunchers,” “bean counters,” and the like. Like so many other amazing origin stories, Moe took those names and made them his own.

Instead of denying these nicknames, Moe embraced them—accountants aren’t just number crunchers, they’re real characters. And they’re not just characters, they’re superheroes, with skills to match! When your books are a mess, who do you call? The superhero accountants of Numetrica!