Moe Tabesh, CPA, CGA, B.Comm (Accounting)

As a young man newly arrived in Canada at the age of 21, Moe Tabesh enrolled in university and worked long hours as a taxi driver to support himself through his studies. His 17-hour shifts became so demanding that he couldn’t make it to his classes.

Despite the fact that he was supporting himself, he felt unfulfilled. The constant “live to work” mentality of his taxi driving days was getting to him. Feeling stuck and unhappy, Moe longed for a way to contribute more to society. He wanted to build something, to give back, but he wasn’t sure where to start.

Moe needed to get back on his feet and regain his confidence. He needed to succeed!

Deciding to leave his job but this was so hard since he wasn’t sure if he could succed at school.

There were many so many “what if I can’t make it” thoughts.

Then he realized how he got to Canada. It’s a long story but here we go.

He wanted to leave Iran, since the country was at war with Iraq and he didn’t like what the Mullas has done. He had to go but he couldn’t leave unless he did his army duties.  So he try to cross  the border though the mountains.

He was caught and put on jail for 3 months at age 17. This is a book and a half on its own, including 21 days of solitary confinement.

After 3 months of jail time, he was released. Everyone was telling him to forget about leaving the country or serve the army. He was told, that was it, no more choices. He liked the pepsi challenge and tried crossing the border again. His friends advice against this, saying this time the government would kill him.

He tried again and on May 4th, he crossed the border to Turkey.

Just remembering this story, gave him the self confidence that he needed to go back to school.

Moe registered in Heritage College in Hull, Québec. Under the leadership and guidance of professors Tony Guarna and Ian Ramsay, he soon discovered a passion for business, commerce, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Soon after, he enrolled in the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Commerce program, acing his exams and quickly graduating in two and a half years.He soon put his new skills to work, helping friends and family save more money by paying fewer taxes thanks to his knowledge. This led to his founding of a tax-filing company—Express Tax—to help students with their tax returns.One fateful day, the owner of Moe’s favourite coffee shop approached him with a request: could Moe help his business succeed? When Moe accepted, word spread, and soon other local businesses and professionals were approaching him for help. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

Origin Stories

So why superheroes?

Moe had heard the nicknames people have for accountants plenty of times before – “number crunchers,” “bean counters,” and the like. Like so many other amazing origin stories, Moe took those names and made them his own.

Instead of denying these nicknames, Moe embraced them—accountants aren’t just number crunchers, they’re real characters. And they’re not just characters, they’re superheroes, with skills to match!

Similarly, it makes to much sense, you are a superhero as well. You always wanted to be one. Well, we can’t help you with superpowers but we can train you to be a small business superhero.

So he started talking with a few website developers and created the site and a comic to illustrate the Superhero Concept.

He loved this concept, story telling, business development and marketing so much that he started to read up on gurus such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Seth Godin, Chet Holmes, Jim Rohn, Albert Lasker, …. He read over 100 books just on  psychology and marketing. When your books are a mess, who do you call?

After seeing the comics and other superheroes characters, More and more entrepreneurs and small business owners in Ottawa approached him.  
Or where do you go if you think, you can face the challenge and becoming s business superhero.



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I needed a CPA accountant in Ottawa. I was referred to Moe in 2018 to do my personal and corporate tax returns and also help me with my accounting.  Moe and his staff have been very wonderful and helped me. The previous accountant had made so many mistakes, Numetrica cleared the one by one.

I recommend Numetrica to everyone who needs any kind of accounting help.
Also during COVID my company was hit very bad. Moe and his Ottawa accounting staff really helped me during this tough times which I will not forget. A++++

Jaymes White
CEO – Jaymes White Entertainment