Born of Captain Number Cruncher

Once a upon a time, Numetrica City had a mayor named Le Chiffre, he was really good with numbers and had a great control on them. Nevertheless, there were a lot of ciaos in the city, a lot of people were at work organizing, balancing, reporting, and forecasting super hard to keep the peace in the city. One of the accounting officers who was really good at numbers and could make sense out of them and had no FEAR of getting reports organized was a young accounting officer name Zak. He had a gift with BALANCING any equation and of course, the most famous one Asset = Liabilities + shareholder Equity (A=L+S) He had a 100% record on getting the numbers all sort out creating reports on super-fast timing. One day it all changed forever, a set of strange looking numbers were left at his desk, the numbers had a strange aura around them the Shoeboxer, very strong old school number organizer warned Zak not to touch them and leave these numbers aside, perhaps the mayor could sort them out. Zak was actually excited about this, he knew deep inside that he could sort the numbers and make them balance. As he tried to work on the numbers a few of them zapped his fingers. The harder Zak tried the more vicious the numbers got, they started to grow bigger and messier. This is a setup Zak, leave them alone, these numbers will kill you shouted the Shoeboxer, Zak wasn’t letting his fight down. As he was fighting he suspected that perhaps this is the source of all ciaos in the city. Shoeboxer phoned the mayor frantically and asked for help, Zak was still struggling but putting up a good fight. Le Chiffre showed up and was watching the scene with a bit of content. Zak looked at the Le Chiffre and the Numbers and knew it was the mayor who was behind all the ciaos. The mayor pushed shoeboxer a side and control the now giant set of messy numbers and directed them toward Zak. Zak was getting weak but he had sorted out bunch of numbers but Le Chiffre presents, unbalanced the fight between the numbers and Zak.  The fight went on for a while and there was a considerable damage done to the Grand Central Accounting Office. Although Zak was fighting everyone knew he is NOT GOING to win this battle. Le Chiffre Shouted GIVE UP Zak, you are not a match for my powers. You will be CRUCHED and I will rule the city as the king of numbers. Zak shouted NEVER, and with one last zap he was dropped dead on the ground. As he was lying down, smokes was coming his clothes and though he was burning. All his friends were shocked, Zak is dead, how can this be, the Ciaos, the unbalaceness, unsortness, … The numbers had penetrated his hearts and soul, he wasn’t breathing any more ….. There was a big silence in the room, everyone was terrified, strange odor and strong aura was present.  There was a different sense around Zak, something that looked like a ghost was hovering around him, and it lifted Zak up as he appeared to be dead. His hands moved, he started turning around and around, as he was turning, his face changed, his body changed, he was getting stronger and stronger, his clothes ripped and underneath those clothes there appeared to be a sign which read “Captain Number Cruncher”, as everyone was watching this in hysteria, a wizard showed up, the “accounting wizard” he had known that Le Chiffre was planning something bad and had saved Zak and turned him to a strong CPA hero like himself.   Captain number Cruncher looked at Accounting Wizard and said, a strangest thing happened, I saw the Infinity and it spoke to me. So powerful. Accounting Wizard replied, yes Captain, he sent me to save you, he sense how easily numbers flow through you and great you are with them. You have been chosen Captain. Captain sorted out the mess and together with accounting wizard they scared Le Chiffre away. Everyone was delighted to see the transformation right in front of their eyes … while the Grand Central Accounting Office in Numetrcia City was celebrating Captain noticed his friend is no longer there. What happened to Shoboxer? He asked, Le Chiffre took him Captain, replied the Accounting Wizard … WWW.Numetrica.City  

CPA Superheroes
CPA Superheroes
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