Adventures of captain Number Cruncher

It was a dark and stormy night … the only difference, it was raining numbers. Luckily Captain Number cruncher had an umbrella. He was ready, he is always ready.  The air had a different smell as the numbers hit the pavements in Numetrica City. As he was strolling, he noticed strange noise coming from the Reports Alley. He was suspecting that, the Shoeboxer, the strongest foe of captain Number Cruncher was at work and, leaving mess of numbers and some numbers were totally unrelated. No one can balance that, the Shoeboxer is very strong. In the old days, he was helping the businesses however, now with more complexity in the businesses, he couldn’t keep up so he turned. CNC quickly got to the scene and cleaned up the mess that shoeboxer made. Amazing Bean Counter arrived at the scene and organized the business, only a minute later and it would have been a catastrophe. The owner was happy to see the CPA Superheroes at work the numbers were all happy and made sense. Never again said the merchant to trust the shoeboxer. He was even wanting to use the clouds so no shoeboxer or La Shifre could get their hands on the numbers.

Sun started to come out, Numetrica.City was safe once again.

Thank you! Captain Number Cruncher.

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