Tax Strategies

Here is my philosopgy, you went to business to be successful and profitable. In order to achieve this goal, you’ll need to master the art and scince of running your business. Meaning that you have a great grip on every angle of your business, have the right set of tactics and a solid strategy.   Furthremore, assuming you have this covered, if you don’t we need to have a chat 🙂 

Regardless, assuming all the above is correct, having a corporation is the best business setup. Why? Because we can implement more tax strategy and defer taxes. So create your operating corporation (Op Co) and in a few years a holing company (Hold Co) so we can better help you. 

More on paragraph one, there are so many tools available right now that did not exits 10 years a go or so. So by harnessing and maximing the use of these tools, you can run your business faster, better, and smarter.  “Resistance is Futile” as Borgs said to Captain Jean Luc Pickard. Literrally, over 90% of businesses fail in 10 years. Again, there are tools available to ensure your business can succeed. Definitely these tools are not for everyone however, business who use them will definitely have a huge advantae over businesses who are tip toing around them and coming up

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