The 3 Pillars of Mastering Cash Flow Management

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Among the most complex financial balance indicators faced by any organization is the control of profits. We see three critical ways in which the best organizations have true control of cash flow management, which have led to over 20,000 small and medium-sized firms solving cash problems.

1) Measuring cash flow:

Cash flow analysis is the first major activity. Manual attempts and innumerable spreadsheets are also needed only to grasp the cash flow at any given time.

In accounting system such as QuickBooks online, cash flow report is available to see.

Cash flow reports help companies to see where and how cash are used.

2) Improving cash flow

Second habit is to always look for ways to improve cash flows. There are 2 ways to improve cash flow, increasing the cash in take or decreasing the cash out take.

I personally like to increase cash in volume by adding either more clients or services.  It is also to review the expenses and justify their needs or looking for less expensive alternative.


3) Predicting cash flow or having a budget

Finally, having a look at your budget, seeing where the cash in flows are coming for let’s say one year and at the same time looking at where you money and cash goes in one year. This practice will give you a great picture for the year to come and also give you a yard stick that you can stick to.  It will act as a road map for your business one year plan.

cash flow management

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