Want to Be More Productive like a superhero? Try Doing less of non-productive activities

Simple, right? But we do not do this, or we do not know that we are doing this unless we take an inventory of our activities.


let us have a look at how productive your advertising is.

Step 1: create a matrix either on a piece of paper or in Excel

Step 2: come up with a heading, in this case advertising results

Step 3: write down your advertising activities, this is a good practice to see what activities you do. For example, I heard a guy who complained that he cannot get any leads no matter how hard he tries. I asked him to give me a few examples. He had none, I do not think Jedi tricks works on this 😊 I hope the list below inspires you r shows you advertising methods.

Step 4: write the results in dollar value and your expectations, you can also keep track of your time and add notes. This is a great practice to see if you are realistic in what you want to achieve.



Activities Costs Actual outcome Expected outcome Time Notes
Kijiji ad $0 $1,000 per year $1M 2 Hours
Used Ottawa $0 $0 $1M 2 Hours
Facebook $200 0 0 2 hours
Printing business cards $100 3 leads 10 leads 5 hours
Radio ads $20K Unknown Not much One day
Networking 0 5 leads 0 2 hours
Google ads


From this exercise, you can clearly see which activity is doing better, you would also now know that you need to allocate your time for these activities more effectively and adjust your expectations. So you want to do more of what works and reduce what is not working as well. Also, it teaches us to be more patient. I know I want to see the results right away and if doesn’t produce any I may abandon it. But in this case, Kijiji yielded $1,000 of income, so let’s keep it and let it be. Also perhaps adjust the heading, adding more graphics to make it look better.

Once this is applied to every aspect of your business and even life, things start to shift and improve. The net effect of each incremental improvement, results in a huge improvement.

This success model here from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) clearly shows how you can get better and better.



On another note, this technique is seldom thought since not so many people especially our parents know about this. The top part, belief and potential are always kept to average, even worst mainstream wisdom suggests and dictates not have hopes, dreams, inspirations, ….

So for example, if you want to be better and achieve your goals, you can increase/raise the potential outcome, take massive actions towards its achievements, you would definitely see results, this makes your believing in achieving it even stronger. Set your goals higher, take more massive actions, and so on. The matrix shows which of the massive actions are working better so you can focus more and get even better results.

This strategy is the strategy that all successful people do and that’s why they are doing much better than average and get better and better. Hence it is called the Success model.

One of the Guru’s who uses and teaches this frequently is my Superhero Tony Robbins.

Once you are doing this regularly you can transform your business and life. Need some transformation ideas.

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